Family Law Attorney in Orlando

What does family law mean?

Family Law is the law that deals with a person and their family. For example, it may involve issues such as marriage, divorce, child custody, formation of domestic partnerships, and support.

Family Law attorneys help a client determine how to resolve problems related to the formation or dissolution of their relationship – whether it’s in the form of same-sex couples choosing between ceremonial marriage or registering with state agencies for Domestic Partnerships; helping families in litigated divorces that want mediation over litigation; drafting prenuptial agreements for couples who want protection from matrimonial disputes during any future dissolution.

In family law, a divorce lawyer takes on cases from either side of the argument. They begin by evaluating the client’s expectations and work to make a plan for financial matters during and after a divorce, spousal support or child custody rights determination.

When gathering facts about a family law case, a family law attorney will ask for personal information such as salary/income earned while married, property purchases during marriage-along with the date purchased and the present worth. This information is essential in determining potential profit/loss after settlement negotiations are finalized.

Divorce cases are extremely complicated because they involve numerous issues which require interpretation of various laws, statutes and case law. The complexity is increased by the fact that there are two parties with generally different goals who represent themselves (or rely on an inexperienced relative) rather than letting a trained judge decide things. As noted above, what will be included in any settlement depends largely on what type of work you do, how much you are worth, what your expenses are and various other factors.

A Florida family law attorney can help you understand your legal rights and obligations related to divorce or separation, including the division of assets and debts, child custody decisions, child support calculation, alimony. A family law lawyer in Orlando can also advise you on how the law may affect other aspects of your life involving parenting time for children after divorce or separation.

Family law is multifaceted emotional and legal terrain in which a family lawyer may be able to provide not only sound strategic advice but strong advocacy skills as well.

There are many reasons to contact a Family Law Attorney. It’s important to contact a family law attorney if you could use help with any of the following:

  • To help with divorce, separation, or annulment
  • To make custody arrangements for your children
  • To enforce visitation rights based on the decision of the court
  • For parental alienation issues; if you need help bringing an end to this harmful behavior by one parent against the other parent and/or their children.
  • You need a lawyer when you get divorced
  • When you want to get married
  • When there is a dispute about child custody or visitation
  • When a family member sues for personal injuries
  • In cases of domestic violence
  • When you want to modify a parenting plan, adopt a child, handle custody and visitation rights during military deployments…
  • When your spouse has filed for divorce and seeks alimony or division of property.

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